I started my working life lecturing in marketing and economics, but then moved into industry to work on customer management, helping companies change their policies, processes, data and systems to focus more strongly on customers. From this grew my work helping companies explain complex products and services to the media and to customers. Recently I combined my two areas of interest, marketing and creative writing, by developing and delivering courses on copy-writing and storytelling, for universities and corporate clients.

The UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing listed me in 2003 as one of the world’s top 50 marketing thinkers. I was nominated as one of the 20 most influential people in the direct marketing industry in a Precision Marketing readership poll in 2003. NOP World nominated me in 2004 as one of 100 most influential individuals for their input and influence on the development and growth of e-commerce and the Internet in the UK over the previous ten years. I am an Honorary Life Fellow of the UK’s Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, which gave me its Professor Derek Holder Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, partly to recognise my contribution to the Institute’s work, from helping found it to work in teaching and course development.

I am still active in the academic world. I am a Visiting Professor at Oxford Brookes and Portsmouth Universities. I am working on contract as Business Relations Director at Kingston University Business School, helping them relaunch their entire suite of undergraduate business degrees, including introducing a wide-ranging business skills training programme and business placements for all students. I am on the editorial boards of several academic journals. I have published over 100 academic articles and 30 books and many trade press articles. I have retired from formal university teaching and now work both as a school governor and as a private tutor in mathematics, marketing, economics and more general business topics, helping students to improve their assignments, dissertations and theses, to choose between universities and to ensure that their application to study is successful at any level, from undergraduate to masters and doctoral levels. I am an active researcher, focusing on education and business. Each year I carry out in-depth research projects for clients, often to provide them with content for their marketing and sales communications.